September 10, 2009

  • Finally uploaded some photos from the past few days.

    Last week, as I’d said, we’d visited the Creation Museum, which was very cool.  Here’s the entrance, and Elaine and the girls:

    This statue of the Babel scene was one of my favorites:

    On Friday I went to Jennifer’s house and soaked up their wonderful family.  Rarely have I seen sisters so unaffectedly fond of each other!  We went to the Russian festival, and Jennifer took me into Cincinnati to Findlay’s Market.  There was a store – Silverglades, IIRC – with more varieties of cheese than I’d ever seen:

    There was also a place selling unique fudge, but with a truly exemplary display of self-control, I didn’t buy any (it hurt, too):

    It’s awful, but I took very few photos while there.  I wish I’d taken more of Jennifer, Dave and the girls!  Can’t think why I didn’t.  When she took me to Indianapolis (which was extraordinarily kind of her, as that’s a 2 – 3 hour drive there and back) to meet Eleanor, Elaine took a photo of the three of us:

    Eleanor, Jennifer, and me. 

    Eleanor and her husband, Rich, and daughter, Meg, are a lovely family and I had a wonderful time with them.  On Tuesday she took me into Lafayette to see Purdue, where Rich is a professor of agricultural chemistry (something like that, anyway).  He travels quite a lot around the world for his job, and they frequently go on mission trips to out-of-the-way countries where missionaries aren’t particularly welcome.  I wish I’d thought to ask to see their passports! 

    The first day we met Elaine and the girls at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, an amazing place.  The poppets got to dig for dinosaur bones:

    And put together a dino skeleton:

    Check this out!  Harry Potter has even reached the scientific world:

    The idea is the above dinosaur resembles a dragon.  They also inspected an aquarium:

    They learned about the art of glass-blowing:

    There were glass sculptures in the ceiling, and people – including Meredith – could lay back and admire them:

    There was a carousel ride, too!

    Eleanor took me into Lafayette to see Purdue, which was very impressive:

    An enormous amount of research is done there.  Look at those greenhouses.  Afterward we went to the downtown area of Lafayette which offers myriad fascinating shops.  Eleanor joked that the economy of the town would show a spike on the day I was there.  One of my favorite shops was this bead shop, with more beads than you can imagine:

    This morning Eleanor drove me to Trader Joe’s (again, an hour-plus drive, the sweetheart) to meet up again with Elaine.

    Elaine, the girls and I started off by singing our trip’s theme song from one of their Bible song CD’s.  There’s a lot of baaing in it (it’s about being sheep of the LORD’s) and the refrain is “Lambies on the go!”  I’d really missed those Bible songs.  Going to have to get those CD’s for myself.  I mean, for the grandkids.  Yeah.  That’s it.  For the grandkids.  Not me.  I’m middle-aged. 

    Our goal today was Daniel Boone’s home in Defiance, MO and I’d love to post photos only it’s not permitted by the school that owns the property.  Couldn’t take photos inside at all.  Boo to that, here’s a picture of Meredith shooting the rubber-band gun Elaine bought for them (along with a sling-shot!):

    This evening we stopped for supper at a Cracker Barrel, and Meredith and Margaret were enchanted by the oversized checker sets on the porch:

    They were loathe to abandon their game, but were lured in by the promise they could play inside as well:


    We’re in Rolla at the Hampton Inn, and here’s Margaret, who decided her mother’s luggage cart may as well hold her too:

    Tomorrow we’re going to visit George Washington Carver’s home, then stay in Joplin.  Friday will be a long day of driving home.  It’s been a grand trip!

    G’nite, folks.  I’m bushed and heading to bed. 

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  • Actually, I’m getting confused about the timeline. Elaine, DID you take that photo of Eleanor, Jennifer and me? I can’t quite think why you’d be with the two of them.

    My brain’s getting fried. Trying to reconstruct the past days is depressingly difficult, which is why I really should have updated this darn blog daily instead of thinking I’m going to remember. Ha. :hmmmmm:

  • It was Dave French, but hey– I’d be fried too. Great pix!  The girls look like they are having a ball! It was lovely having you!

  • That is soooo fun!  I can’t wait to hear about it from the girl’s perspective.  What an awesome opportunity for anyone, but especially 2 young homeschoolin’ ladies.  They learned so much,a nd had so much fun in the process.  Awesome!  Enjoy the rest of your time and your quality time on the drive home.  Keep on praisin’ God with those awsome kiddos worship songs.  We have some cd’s you can borrow any time : )

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