September 3, 2009

  • What a great day in Tennessee!

    We hit the road reasonably early and made our way to Memphis and the Peabody Hotel, meeting Elaine’s friend, Melissa, and Melissa’s daughter, Anna there.  We were in time for the Parade of Ducks:

    The fountain is gorgeous, with the flowers being replaced every four days.  Here are a couple of photos of us in front of it:

    We went up to the roof top, where I snapped a photo of Elaine snapping a photo of Melissa and Anna:

    Melissa has eight children, the eldest 24 and the youngest about 7, IIRC.  Sweet Anna was a doll with the poppets; here she’s obligingly giving Margaret a piggy-back ride:

    We had lunch at The Blues City Cafe on Beale Street.  Elaine and the girls had the ribs, while I chowed down on fried chicken strips and fries with honey mustard sauce.  After lunch we – having bid a fond farewell to Melissa and Anna – drove to Graceland with the intention of just driving past but winding up going for the tour.  If anyone had ever told me I’d go to Graceland, I’d have assured them they were mistaken.

    But I did and enjoyed it immensely. 

    The front room was cool:

    Love the peacocks!  Here are Elaine and the girls, looking and listening (one gets an audiotour with the price of admission):

    Meredith amused us considerably by occasionally dancing to the music being played.  She seemed fascinated with Graceland!

    When going out into the back area, Margaret bent down to inspect the bees on the plants, asking what those yellow-and-black ones were.  “Bumblebees….leave them alone!” I replied as I hastily made my way along the opposite side of the walk, as far from the stingables as I could get.  Why on earth would they plant bumblebee-attracting blooms along a walkway?

    Some of Elvis’s famous outfits:

    There’s a perpetual flame at the head of his grave:

    Imagine my astonishment when I glanced at the names carved into the side of the pedestal upon which the flame sits:

    Gambill’s not that common a name, and we do have a family history in Tennessee, if memory serves.  I wonder who she is, and if we’re related?

    After Memphis we set out for Bowling Green, KY, where there are more Corvettes than one can shake a stick at. Amazing!  We stopped for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Warehouse in Nashville, so didn’t get to our hotel until after 9 p.m.

    The LORD does look after the widow….I was given a free upgrade to a suite. 


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  • Rich said to me, “She likes Elvis???” in such a way as to sound as though maybe he wasn’t so happy about your coming to visit after all! :grin:

  • How fun!!! If you pass back through Memphis, I suggest Central BBQ.  That was my favorite place to eat in Memphis.  And, Mud Island is a very nice area to drive through and to walk around the park on the river. 

  • Anne, Didn’t realize til just now that you had a video along with the Elvis shots here. What a treat! Thanks for sharing. And funny, you did get our kids’ ages right. My husband was reading over my shoulder and saw that you had Jonathan’s age as 24, and Gary looked down at me and said, “He’s 24?” See, we forget all the time. I had to do the math in my head!


    Love to you,

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