June 24, 2009

  • Tah-dah! The front porch is basically done!

    Here are a few photos of the Ivy abode as it is in its improved state:

    Isn't it neat?  I love the new screened-in porches! 

    Kenny's next projects - big ones, there are always some small ones afoot - are to re-wallpaper and paint the hall, and paint my bedroom, which hasn't been painted since we moved in.

    On another note, in a little bit I leave for the Fort Worth court house.  I've decided Jonathan needn't come with me as, one, I will truly be surprised beyond measure if the police officer shows up, and two, I've got the note from the woman at the DMV.

    If I can find the stupid thing I'll also have my driving record, but of course I put it somewhere so it wouldn't get lost and now I can't locate it. 

    Have you ever known that to fail? 

    Doubtless it'll turn up later in the summer or around Halloween. 

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