June 24, 2009

  • Oops! Xanga wasn't cooperating earlier, then I forgot.

    My ticket was dismissed without my having to say anything other than stand up and plead "Not guilty."

    The judge apparently looked up my driving record on her computer, realized there's no way I could have an invalid license, and dismissed the ticket.

    Dmitry went with me, bless him, and held my hand as we waited my turn. Dumb as it may sound, I was still nervous even though I had the note from the DMV, clearly stating "LIRD" as being a non-ticketable status, and it's just a SS alert.

    Still, both tickets are now g-o-n-e, one via defensive driving and the other by being dismissed.

    I'm hoping those are the last tickets I ever get in my LIFE.

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  • That Dmitry, the way he stands by you....what a great kid. He's going to make some blessed woman a very sympathetic hubby.

  • When I didn't hear right away, I feared the worst.  Yea!  :so-cool:   It's over.  Did the officer show up?  That was so sweet of Dmitry to go with you. 

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