June 22, 2009

  • It’s frustrating how many natural-wonder events take place here and I seem to miss each and every one of them.

    There have been several earthquakes in the mid-cities region but I’ve not felt a one.

    And last night there was a really good-sized meteor that hit the atmosphere – complete with tail and everything – but I was sound asleep. 

    Most annoying.

    On the plus side, I feel confidant that Justice Will Be Done on Wednesday afternoon, which is when my court date is for the “invalid” license ticket given to me when I was rear-ended back on January 15th.  For those who don’t recall, I received a ticket from a young police officer because there were some letters on my license when he ran it where no letters should be, and his reasoning was that since “clear” means nothing’s there, then letters means it’s not clear, and not being clear means it’s invalid, and driving with an invalid license is a ticketable offence.

    Mind, he had no idea – he said so himself – what the letters meant, and it wasn’t suspended, but so far as he was concerned it wasn’t clear, either, so here’s a ticket. 

    I got my friend, Kathy, to drive me out to the Alta Mesa DMV, where I was told by the woman at the front desk that all it meant was there was an administrative matter needing to be corrected and my license was most certainly not invalid.

    Guess what?  The city of Fort Worth didn’t care, and my options were to either pay $260 (or thereabouts) or fight it in court.

    So I’m fighting it in court.  Court #4 at 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

    Today I went to the DMV in Lake Worth to get my license renewed (once it’s within a year of the expiration date one can do that) and after returning home to retrieve my SS card, got the error remedied.  The lady at the counter was vehement that the mistake was on their part, not mine, and that actually the letters meant do NOT give a ticket!  It’s simply to provide an alert that there’s an administrative matter requiring attention.  She even wrote a note to that effect, bless her heart!

    When I show up I’ll have my note from the DMV, and my clear driving record (which I have because of the speeding ticket, which is a mite ironic, isn’t it?), plus Jonathan as a witness to the police officer’s muddled thought processes.

    Loaded fer judicial bear, by jingo.  

    Of course, odds are the police officer won’t show and the ticket’ll be dismissed because of that instead of the evidence and witnesses I bring with me. 

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