March 22, 2009

  • Like my Grandpa - Mom's father - did, I do enjoy live theater!  This afternoon Mom and I went to Stage West to see "Table Manners," the first of a trilogy called "The Norman Conquests".  It's in the classic English comedy style, so was very amusing. Over the next two Sundays we'll see the remaining two plays in the trilogy, which feature the same characters.  Thanks for the treat, Mom and Dad!

    Here's the stage set (for no particular reason except I'd been trying to get Mom's camera to send a photo, so did one with mine to see if it'd work):


    The door on the right can be banged shut quite loudly, BTW.  The whole play took place in this dining room.

    When the character Norman first came on stage I was momentarily taken aback, thinking it was Austin Hines, who is in the improv group "Curtis Needs a Ride."  I figured his mother, Kathy, would have said something had he been starring in a Stage West play, and in any case it clearly wasn't him upon closer inspection, but still....the resemblance was marked.