March 27, 2009

  • It's clearly been an uneventful week.

    Not much going on since I last posted, but this is about to change as much as the weather did.

    We've been in the 70's, but now it's in the 40's, due to drop to
    near-freezing, with a possibility of snow flurries, and the high
    tomorrow hovering around 50. 

    And will I be snug and warm in my house tomorrow?

    Heavens, no.  Tomorrow is the Big Dave Ramsey Event at the Potter's
    House  -   that's T. D. Jakes' establishment  -  over in Dallas.  I've
    never been there and have been stunned to learn it seats 10,000 and the
    Big Event is almost sold out!  Parking is expected to be, in a word,
    Difficult.  The doors open at 11:30 a.m. and apparently the smart
    people will try to arrive early.  Trouble is, there's no food or drink
    permitted, and while bottled water might be for sale, that seems as if
    that's about it.  The Big Event is from 1 p.m. till 6 p.m. with two
    twenty minute breaks.

    I have grave concern about the, um, facilities, if you ladies get muh drift.  Grave concern, indeed. 

    Turns out a friend of mine from Christ Chapel - she's the wedding
    coordinator  -  is going, as is Beth's mother, Anna.  Found that out
    when I emailed her to see about getting together for dinner, and it
    turns out she's going as well!  So we're going to meet up afterward and
    go get Mexican. 

    Then on Sunday afternoon is the second in the series "The Norman Conquests" at Stage West.

    Dmitry has his own affair this weekend, as he's escorting Carolyn to
    the ROTC Military Ball tomorrow evening, which reminds me I need to
    iron his shirt.  And be sure to pick up the corsage first thing
    tomorrow morning, seeing as how I'm going to have to leave earlier than
    I'd planned for Dallas.

    Ugh.  Dallas.    Sure hope Dave Ramsey is worth this effort. 

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  • I would bring snacks and drinks anyways. It probaby is not permitted inside the main sanctuary, but in the foyer and fellowship area, it is brobably allowed. I would also imagine bottled water is allowed. How much can you mess up if you spill a bottle of water? You get a nice clean spot ont he chair and carpet.

    Depends will be passed out at the door to take care of the facilities issue for ladies :wink-wink:

  • It will be! 

    I'll be awaiting your analysis of the day!

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