February 21, 2009

  • This afternoon I was at the grand opening celebration of a friend's insurance office when Dmitry called to tell me the power lines were down.

    Turns out it was the cable lines that fell off the pole instead of the electricity, thank heavens!

    What's frustrating is that Charter says tomorrow's the soonest they'll come to fix it. Mind, the lines are laying across both the shared driveway and in front of my garage, and of course the internet connection was going off and on, so I got fed up and told the Charter people to cancel my internet account.

    She didn't argue (I daresay she looked at the service record and figured this particular account's more trouble than it's worth), and said she had canceled it, but here it is working!

    Doubtless it'll go off shortly. I called AT&T UVerse and darned if their administrative and sales sites aren't down for maintenance until Monday, and in any event it'll be a week or two before anything gets installed, which will be a real bummer.

    Guess I need to learn how to get the laptop to work at a Wi-Fi place.