February 21, 2009

  • Praise GOD! I am so thrilled!

    Zhenya’s over here and looking at a Russian version of Facebook and has told me he’s in contact with Vitaly….remember? The boy who came over with the same Bright Futures group as Joe, Zhenya and Reagan? But was never adopted?

    Oh, how I’ve fretted and prayed about him, so what an enormous relief to learn he’s doing well as a construction worker in Moscow! Turns out he inherited an apartment in Cheboksary from his birth mother, only the Cheboksary economy has really tanked so I suppose he has to live where the work is.

    Still, what a joy it is to hear a good report about him. I’ve asked Zhenya to give him my love and assure him he’s always been in my prayers. ;^)

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