October 31, 2008

  • Here it is, Halloween already. Where does the year GO?

    There are only two months left of 2008? How is this possible?

    Dmitry and I went to Target yesterday (now there's a news flash!) to purchase the obligatory bag of candy for the one or two trick-or-treaters that might conceivably drop by. Got miniature Snickers because Dmitry's very fond of Snickers, and since we'll undoubtedly be the ones eating the candy, may as well get what he'd like.

    Starting at some point next week I'll be able to bring y'all tales from J.C. Penney's, as that's where I'll be working. Yes, I delayed and stalled and procrastinated as long as I could but finally went out on Wednesday afternoon to apply there as holiday help, receiving a call that evening to set up an interview yesterday afternoon, and was placed in the Women's World (i.e. pudgebucket section)/Maternity/Housewares area. They're running the background check and I should start training on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    I must acknowledge it's flattering to be hired on so rapidly, and to have them make clear the odds are if I want to stay after the holidays, there will doubtless be a place for me.

    As the manager of the area I'll be in put it, "It's nice to get someone with retail experience and who is, um, mature. I'll bet I won't have to explain to you what a steamer is." Apparently they tend to find applicants to either be teenagers with little if any work experience, or those who worked in retail decades ago and are terrified of the computers.

    "Are you comfortable with computers?" I was asked.

    I smiled. ;^)

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  • You go girl! So glad you were hired quickly - that is gratifying, and you'll be able to use skills and um, TALENTS from all parts of your life. It takes talent to be an attractive "pudgebucke." Never heard that term before.

    Love ya!


    BTW just going to post Darla's favorite photo of Kael that shows the mop of hair - don't forget to chek it out!

  • All in all, they don't sound like bad sections to be in.  Wear comfy shoes and pace yourself.  You'll be a smash hit, I just know it.

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