October 31, 2008

  • ARGHHH! It finally happened and I MISSED it!

    Here's a headline I've never read before:  Minor earthquakes shake Dallas-Fort Worth area

    Two minor earthquakes shook the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but no significant damage was reported Friday.

    The U.S. Geological Survey says a 2.5-magnitude earthquake centered in the Grand Prairie area was reported at 11:25 p.m. Thursday. A slightly stronger 3.0-magnitude quake centered in the Irving area occurred 36 minutes later.

    Law enforcement agencies across northern Texas say they received some 911 calls from people who felt the quakes.

    Irving police spokesman David Tull said his agency received about 25 calls around midnight from people inquiring about the vibrations, which set off car and building alarms. There were no reports of damage.

    Grand Prairie and Fort Worth officials also reported no damage. "We just learned about it on the news this morning,” said Dawn Atkins, a Grand Prairie emergency dispatcher.

    USGS geophysicist Randy Baldwin said the quakes, which lasted only a few seconds, most likely felt "like a lightly loaded truck passing by, kind of a sharp jerk and then a rapid vibration."

    Reports of the quake also came from Dallas, Euless and Hurst and Fort Worth, he said. Aftershocks could last several days. There is also a possibility of more smaller quakes in the coming days that no one would likely feel.

    Darn!  I've been to California a few times, but never felt an earthquake, and been to Japan for a couple of weeks but never felt an earthquake, and here there are a couple right in the Metroplex and I was awake at that time but didn't feel a thing.  Isn't that just the way?