October 28, 2008

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  • :wink-wink:Well, Anne, I have a confession to make.  I happen to enjoy watching poker on television.  I find the strategy fascinating and have watched enough here and there to start enjoying some of the  personalities of the top players.  You go get to see everyone's cards on the screen and contemplate what's coming up, odds, etc.  It's not something I look for, but I enjoy it when I come across it.

    But I only watch the particular kiind of Poker called Texas Hold 'Em.


  • I was just going to ask whether you could see everybody's cards, when I saw Kamilla's post. I was thinking that would be the ONLY way it could possibly make sense. If you can see all the cards and what's going on, then yeah, I can see how it could be interesting to see how the players operate.

    Of course, that depends on whether you find it interesting to watch people something that involves relatively little physical activity but does involve some other kind of prowess (which is why people also think golf is boring to watch, I think. The prowess doesn't impress them, and the relative lack of observable "action" bores them.) And I can understand that not everyone does enjoy that sort of thing.

    I don't think watching people do fascinating stuff that isn't visually engaging is very interesting, myself, but I guess I understand how someone might. Golf is sort of in-between for me because there are other visual aspects beyond the play that are fun to watch -- IOW, golf is PRETTY.

  • Ah. Well, I suppose if the players' hands are available for one to see, that would make it more entertaining.

    Another instance of "Don't knock it until you've tried it", no doubt. I'm embarrassed to admit I don't hesitate one bit to knock stuff I've not tried, though.

    Perhaps I'll stun Don by suggesting that be turned on after NCIS. :wink-wink:

    Thanks for stopping by, Kamilla! :flirty:

  • Here's something fascinating...the World Championship of Scrabble, which also finds time on ESPN, bores me to tear. I can watch it for a bit but really, it's deadly to watch, even eeing both sets of tiles.

    Poker, however, especially Texas Hold 'em, is fun to watch. And fun to play, in person and online. I'm mildly addicted, even though, while I enjoyed a fast, early success, I can barely keep enough chips to stay solvent. It is the generosity of several poker buddies that keeps me going!

    Seeing all the cards is what makes the game fun to watch. There are several shows on TV, past and present, to take advanage of that fact. Bet you get addicted once you try it.


  • You just heard about this? It's been on for a while. It's actually much more entertaining than golf or bowling on TV. The part I dont' get is how it can be on a sports channel (at least that is where it is shown here). I suggest you watch it (I just watch a few minutes at a time)

  • I don't usually pay much attention to what's on TV. Was looking to see whether there was a Mavericks game on tonight. ;^)

  • The reason it's on a sports channel is that is the natural place to put something that consists of watching other people compete at games. I mean, it has to go SOMEWHERE (that is, since there is apparently a market for it), and it doesn't belong with the food, or the home improvement, or the news, or what have you. :big-smile:

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