April 30, 2008

  • I went shopping yesterday.

    The strap on my purse had made a determined effort to tear completely away, so that - combined with the general wear and tear had suffered, which was considerable, as I don't change purses but use the same one every day - it had become of paramount importance to buy a new one.  So off to the mall I went.

    After a lengthy, frustrating search I finally found one.  It's actually a bit on the small side, as I discovered when I put my overstuffed wallet in the middle compartment, but that's too bad.  I'll manage.

    Why is it so blasted difficult to find a decent purse?  I don't want one the size of a suitcase, or that straps onto one's back like a knapsack, or with huge buckles, or made of some peculiar pattern, or crocheted.  These caveats eliminated a good 90% of the purses offered for sale.

    I want a zippered compartment on the outside to hold my keys so I needn't dig into the purse proper for them, and a place for my cell phone, so I've a fighting chance of hearing it ring.  I want a shoulder strap.  I want it to be black or brown.  A moderate size.

    Plus it shouldn't cost a penny over $40.  I'm not only picky, I'm cheap.

    Picky and cheap.  Not a terrific combination.

    Finally found something reasonably suitable at Penney's.  Fossil makes some nice ones, but Fossil's also dreadfully proud of 'em, and prices them accordingly. 

    Now I've got this purse I'm going to have to go ahead and buy the new camera I've been wanting (one of the tiny ones) for it's a cinch my Canon S3 isn't going to fit into it.

    This is TAKS test week for the public schools, so it's TAKS test week for Dmitry, too.  Yesterday he took the English test, which he said he believes he did quite well on.  Tomorrow he takes the Big Kahuna....the math TAKS. 

    Frankly, the chances of him passing it are slim, I'm afraid.  He's afraid of it, too, and worries and frets about what he'll do if he can never pass the TAKS so as to be able to graduate.  I tell him we'll think of something, and not to fret himself to flinders over it. 

    I do loathe these ghastly exams, and am pleased the state's about to do away with them.  At least in their present form.

    The pressure on the kids at the school to do well - at least pass - is intense, as a school's charter is dependent upon it.  Do poorly too many years in a row and it's yanked.  IMO it's totally unreasonable to expect schools that cater to those who don't do well in the regular public schools to perform at the same rate as schools in areas such as Highland Park over in Dallas. 

    I was very depressed to realize Dmitry and Carolyn's Anniversary Weekend came and went without my taking a single photo of them.  Yes, this past Monday marked the one year anniversary of their meeting, and they're still going strong.  On Friday he went over to her house, carrying with him a baker's dozen of roses (twelve red and one white, in the middle).  On Saturday he gave her another dozen roses, and took her to Olive Garden for dinner, then to Border's.  On Sunday he was back over at her house, as her grandfather - who'd been visiting - was leaving that evening, and Carolyn wanted to be with him.  On Monday (school was out) I went on the bus trip with my Woman's Club group to Granbury, and as soon as I set foot in the door (a few minutes after 4 p.m.) he leapt up, anxiously asking if we could go fetch Carolyn and Ravinn from the latter's house and take them to Ridgmar Mall.

    And not one photograph did I take to mark their anniversary!  I'm losing my touch.

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  • Purses are so hard to find!  I agree.  My purse has shrunk over the last year or 2 and I don't know why.

    Maybe Carolyn or her folks had a camera - you would think all those roses would mark a great occasion to snap a pic!  Happy Anniversary to them!

  • I feel your pain about handbags, Anne.  I seldom carry one, usually just putting my wallet and keys in pockets, but sometimes I have to lug one with me.  I hate shopping for a new one because I won't even go as  high as $40.  It's $20 or under, but it has to look like a good one.   Once I find one, I keep it until it falls apart.

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