April 24, 2008

  • I dunno. ISTM the Pillsbury Bake-Off has pretty well run its course.

    Back in the early 70′s and for several years afterward, I eagerly got the Bake-Off cookbooks (well, those small ‘zines found at the supermarket check-out line) to find reasonably easy, tasty recipes.  Some of them I make still (a stroganoff bake using crescent roll dough, for instance).  The recipes usually called for basic ingredients.

    Apparently after all these years the “basic” combinations have been used, leaving the strange ones.  Yesterday I was at a store and thumbed through the new Bake-Off cookbook; here’s a sampling of the type of recipes found within it:

    • Orange Marmelade-Chorizo Pizza
    • Tropical Crab Rangoon Appetizers
    • Cravin’ Crab Enchiladas
    • Peanut Butter Mole Enchiladas

    And these are the winners

    Where are Tasty Tuna Cups, eh?  Burger Bundles?  That sort of thing?  The stuff ordinary people might actually cook and eat.

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  • mmmmmm – peanut butter mole enchiladas sounds amazingly good. I’ll have to check that out. There’s nothing like a good mole sauce.

  • This is what happens, she says darkly, when we send our daughters to college.  They forget all about tuna noodle casseroles and take up with the likes of orange marmelade chorizo pizza.  

  • Byron, I’ll gladly send you a mole, a jar of peanut butter, and a bag of tortillas if you’ll make the peanut butter mole enchiladas and take a photo of you, Lise and the girls eating them.

  • You *do* know what mole sauce, is, don’t you? It’s got chocolate in it…. daaaark chocolate.

    And cinnamon, cumin, garlic, and a bunch of other good stuff.

    I thought somebody from Texas would be able to find real Mexican food around there somewhere.

    I’ll send Lise on a hunt for that cookbook at the supermarket checkouts.

  • Yes, Byron, I do know what a mole sauce is.

    I just thought it sounded amusing, that’s all….mole enchiladas.

  • It sounds gastly to me.  Anne do you have a good black eyed pea recipe?  I’m not into what wins in bake offs because my husband won’t eat most of the stuff.  I’ve wanted to have chicken-pop-pie my whole marriage but Steve has said absolutely not.  He went to VA and pastor Hemmeke’s wife, Sarah, made it and now he says he’ll eat it.  Imagine, maybe he should go back to their house.  Maybe I can ask Sarah to make pot roast.  That is my favorite meal and he hates it.

    The only recipe book I’ve ever bought at a check out is a BBQcookbook. 

  • That was me!  Sharing a computer has its down sides.

  • I figured that if it had chocolate in it then you *must* know about it. ;)

  • And Heather, my blackeyed pea recipe is to open a can, I fear!

    And eat ‘em with ketchup.

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