April 30, 2008

  • Mercy Maud! I rather expected Avery Johnson to be canned, I'll grant you.

    But hadn't expected it to happen this soon.....the day immediately after the Mavericks were eliminated? 

    Don said he wouldn't be surprised to see an almost complete turnover in the team's roster.

    Wonder if that'd include Jason Kidd?  Goodness knows I haven't thought he was that much of an asset.  But then, I tend to think it's idiotic to assume one can take someone who is performing well with Team X, plop 'em in Team Z, and expect the same results.  It's a TEAM.  Often it's the interaction of those particular players that causes one or more of them to shine.  Remove them from the team, however, and the shine dims.

    Were the Mavericks going to lose, I was pleased they lost to New Orleans, a city that needs all the bright spots it can get.