March 16, 2008

  • You know, I just love the internet. ;^)

    This evening Don and I visited via Skype with Alex and his family, using our webcams so we could see each other as well as hear.  Got to see Hannah's new haircut (she has a regrettable knack for finding scissors, you see), and her playing with the train set we sent her for her birthday (which was yesterday....happy birthday to Hannah!), and riding her new tricycle, and seeing precious Faith grin, and stand, etc.  

    A feature of Skype is its ability to take a snapshot of what's on the screen.  The quality isn't much, but it's a good bit better'n nothing (sadly, I didn't get a photo of Faith awake and smiling and standing):

    Video call snapshot 1

    Video call snapshot 3

    Video call snapshot 4

    Video call snapshot 2

    It must have been dreadful back in The Olden Days, when people didn't have nice webcams and the internet, instead having to rely on telephones and snail-mail for communication when far apart. 

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  • My sister Kim was living in Germany where her husband was stationed, when Jason was born. It drove her crazy that she wasn't there to see her baby sister's baby, and even sending photos took forever, til we got them developed and they made their way across the ocean, via US Army mail. We had, however, established a bit of a schedule wherein at least one of us wrote to her every day, meaning that she'd get letters every day. (Except it meant sometimes she'd get 5 letters and sometimes she'd get none. So much for our good intentions.)

    Jason was a very beautiful baby, and because that's what we heard from every person who saw him, we began starting every letter like that, and then dropping the phrase into our letters at random. We had sent photos, but for some reason Kim hadn't gotten them. And we didn't know this until finally Kim called my mother one day and said, "I can't STAND it anymore. Stop TELLING me Jason is beautiful SEND PICTURES!"

    So we had more made and sent those and she finally got both packets of photos just one short week before they headed back to the States.

    Poor Kim.


  • Does everyone in your family have a birthday this month?

    The biggest advantage to the olden days is that people had boxes of handwritten letters from loved ones sharing news and thoughts and all those things that eventually make it into people's biographies after they've died. 

    On second thought, that may not be an advantage after all.

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