March 16, 2008

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  • Very cool. I do hope Matt's not planning to give up his day-job to go on the Bowling Tour? His mother definitely has a shot, but he'd have been sunk without that bumper! (Benjamin's daddy is Matt, right?)

    I haven't successfully edited video yet. I need to get Jason (fat chance with a new girl) to give me some quick lessons.

    I live in hope!


  • That was great! I love the joy of kids captured by your video. I've been usiung Windows Movie Maker also ((XP) and it is easy but I have trouble inserting clips into a timeline. I think I'm overcomplicating it!


    Ok so you have Facebook, Xanga, & what else????????

  • MySpace. A blogger blog I rarely update. Hmmm...lemme think....

  • That was darling! Some real individualistic bowling styles, there!

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