March 15, 2008

  • What does Benjamin have in common with the queen of England?

    They both celebrate their birthdays on a day other than their actual birthday.

    Benjamin’s birthday was on Feb. 25, but today was his party, held at the Main Event in Grapevine. It was a time for bowling, pizza, and Unusually Large Cupcakes.


    Benjamin reminds us so much of his Uncle Alex in his passionate enthusiasm for his birthday. According to Kirstin, he’s been on tenterhooks for weeks in anticipation of his party. Alex used to drive everyone nuts, musing and wondering and talking about his birthday, even months in advance. ;^)

    Bowling certainly sets Benjamin’s toes on fire, but Bethany appeared to find the whole exercise rather pointless, half-heartedly chucking the ball down the alley then turning away to rejoin her friends over at another lane, and Bryson found it an exercise in frustration as his ball rolled so slowly.

    Lemme tell you, watching little ones bowl is like watching grass grow.

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  • Anne, you need to go sometime when Special Olympics are bowling. I wish you could hear Hazel describe the “technique” of Ron and all his pals! I’ve never been but after listening to her, I feel a though I have.

    Happy Birthday Benjamin! What a fun birthday party! (and what a beautiful boy.)


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