November 29, 2007

  • Once they build it, will they come?

    Oy vey, and likewise, aye carumba! 

    Today's Dallas Morning News has a story about the seat licenses for the most favored seats at the new Cowboys' stadium, due to be completed in 2009.


    Can you imagine having to pony upwards of $150K just for the privilege of being allowed to then pay $3400 for a seat? 

    Must be some nice stadium.  Hope the team's playing lives up to it.  People pay that kinda bucks to watch a team, they've a right to expect some pretty good football to be played.  They certainly don't pop that many bucks to see 'em lose

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  • I'm dumbfounded. I'd have to disagree with you on one point though my good friend: people pay that kinda bucks to watch a team, they've no right to anything except a comfortable bed in the funny farm!

  • LOL!!!

    Okay, you got me there, Gilda. Bah-dah-BAM!

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