November 27, 2007

  • [pleased] Ha! Love it when Fort Worth gets the recognition it deserves.

    Actually, I didn't even know there was an International Downtown Association, but by jingo there is, and its "Downtown of the Month" is Fort Worth.    

    The announcement on the above linked page reads:

    success story in Downtown Fort Worth continues with growth in virtually
    every facet of the center city. As the 18th-largest and fastest-growing
    city in America, Fort Worth is in the midst of a remarkable renaissance.

             In 2006 and 2007, Downtown Fort Worth was named the strongest
    central business district office market in the U.S. by Moody’s
    Investors Service. Strong demand has led to new construction: more than
    a million square feet of high-quality office space will become
    available next year.

                Downtown is also experiencing
    record residential growth. Thousands of people currently live downtown,
    and many more are certain to be attracted by the numerous developments
    underway, from small lofts to million-dollar condominiums and town

    citizens and visitors are spending their extra time and dollars
    downtown. The myriad restaurants, shops, nightclubs and entertainment
    venues – along with annual festivals and concerts – draw people of all
    ages and backgrounds. Sundance Square, a historic, pedestrian-friendly,
    35-block development in the heart of downtown, is one of the most
    popular attractions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

    Fort Worth’s hospitality offerings are improving, too. Several downtown
    hotels have reopened after extensive renovations. A new Omni Fort Worth
    Hotel adjacent to the downtown convention center will open in 2008,
    allowing Fort Worth to host larger meetings than ever before.

              Even bigger plans are in store for the coming decade. The
    Trinity River Vision – a $435 million dollar project – will provide
    necessary flood protection, create a beautiful urban lake and offer
    exciting new development opportunities to the north.

    Pretty sweet, eh? 

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  • Sounds truly enticing!

  • So when I am worried, and my life is too hurried, I can always go...where?

  • I know. I'm actually not wildly enthusiastic about the "18-largest-and-faster-growing" part. Don't want Fort Worth to get bigger! It's fine the size it is.

    We do have a dandy downtown, though.

  • Oh yeah, I know what you mean there. Seattle has gotten all but unrecognizable since I've been away, and all the hometowners wish it was still an unknown backwater. But many people like to feel that they are "where it's at", and that's just what a growing metropolis is - Where It's At.

  • Fort Worth as Where It's At?

    The mind boggles. =8^o

  • I've always lived in a small town. The biggest city I've ever lived in was Colorado Springs and we moved from there to....a small town. The city downtown does sound interesting and like there's a lot to do and see...and I think it would be an interesting place to visit, but.....did I mention I'm used to a small town?

  • I like towns where you can get to work and or school or the drug store in 15 minutes or less. Our family is in town, all but one Navy family, but are 30 minutes away and many work nearly an hour's drive which keeps me a bit edgy. Mostly I try not to think about it except when I hear traffic reports. Did I mention that I grew up within a mile of where we now live? and I used to chase the ice truck to get a cold piece of ice on hot summer days, and ran outside to watch the mail plane fly over? And sat on the curb out front and watched FDR go by on the way to visit his son and daughter in law?? Oh, well, now I did.

  • Which curb to watch FDR go by? On Crestline?

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