November 30, 2007

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  • That is GREAT! I try really hard to be tolerant and not self-righteous about how people let their kids act in public (and I am the QUEEN of self-righteous, so I don't always succeed) but letting them run around unattended in public places, not respecting the business' property, and not being mindful of the children's own safety, really gets under my skin. This is a clever way to make the point without being rude -- of course the guilty parties will take offense at it nonetheless, but it's more funny than brusque. Kudos to the person who thought it up! Brilliant, as the Brits say!

  • And how did it go with lil Bridgette? Was she fussy all the time? Or just most of the time? You are a really good grandmom!

  • OH HOW FUNNY!!!!! I would definately make it a point to patronize THAT business as much as I could...just because...

  • Well, let's say some of the time.

    I agree, Morgan! Really, any store in the area that posted such a sign would gain my custom (assuming they're, one, selling something I want and, two, selling it for a price I'm willing to pay).

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