September 2, 2007

  • Mercy Maud, where’d Felix come from?

    Rarely has a hurricane sprung up like a wild mushroom as has Felix.  At 1 a.m. CDT it was a Category 1 storm with 80 mph winds; now it’s soared to a full-fledged Category 5 with 165 mph winds!    And it has a lot of room – and warm water – to grow before hitting Mexico.


    Tonight’s Iron Chef secret ingredient was citrus, and this was an episode for which I wish they’d provide recipes.  Ummm-mmmm!  Looked good, most of it.  Except I will go to my grave unable to understand the appeal of raw fish (tuna) and undercooked pork.  Blech.  Tell you what, I’d love to have a crack at cooking with Meyer lemons and blood oranges, and even the peculiar-looking Buddha’s Hand lemon.  Good luck finding stuff like that in the local stores, though.

    Here’s an interesting tidbit of culinary information:  did you know the mango is related to the cashew?  When Alton Brown mentioned it, Bobby Flay’s head whipped up as he exclaimed, “The cashew?  It is?” 

    Today has been a drive Dmitry-and-his-friends around day, but tomorrow afternoon I’m taking Mom and a dinner out to Jessica’s.  I wonder if Bridgette’s changed much since Friday? 

    Still no sign of Faith, last I heard. 

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  • Speaking of chefs and cooking, how did you get your recipies on your page?  I want to do that.  I have a few I would like to share.

    I can’t wait to see more pictures of Bridgette.

  • Well, you could always quote Darth to her: “I find your lack of Faith disturbing” ;)

  • Ooooh….MOOSIE!!!!! That was above and beyond your usual level!

    (Level of what I shall graciously leave unspecified….)

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