May 26, 2007

  • AARRGGHHH!!! Stupid auto shop!

    You will NOT believe this.

    You. Will. NOT.

    On Wednesday of last week Charles had his car towed to a Karn's Auto Shop in Groton, as it wouldn't start, even with a charge.  There he was told they'd not be able to look at it till the following Tuesday.  (Personally, at that point I'd have paid to have it towed elsewhere, but my opinion wasn't sought.)  He was scheduled to be released from the Navy the following Thursday.

    He got released alright, but the car wasn't fixed.  Turns out it was just a Really Dead battery and a lack of transmission fluid, so Karns was going to replace the battery and flush and refill the transmission and replace the gaskets.  Should be ready on Friday.

    It wasn't ready yesterday.  Charles was understandably miffed, as he's staying in a motel with no transportation.

    This morning he discovers the shop IS CLOSED UNTIL TUESDAY, due to the Memorial Day weekend!    Can you imagine?  They didn't bother telling him "oh, by the way, so sorry.....we're not finished and won't get to it again until TUESDAY.  Have fun in Groton."

    We're going to split the cost of a plane ticket home for him, so he can at least cool his heels here instead of there.  No point wandering around Groton on foot, or stuck in an inexpensive motel room for days on end.  He'd have had Navy friends to stay with only the Dallas left for a month's sea test yesterday.

    Unbelievable.  What kind of place doesn't tell someone they're going to be closed for three solid days?  e-7_mad

    And of course, across the street from the motel he'd been at is a Midas, open today and working.  e-fingers_ears

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