May 31, 2007

  • This headline caught my attention...

    A couple of days ago a woman in a small community west of Fort Worth apparently hanged her four children (the youngest of whom survived, praise God) and herself. 

    Here's the subject line of a story today at the online Dallas Morning News: Shelter staff call murder-suicide 'suspicious'

    Gee.  You think?

    From what I gather, the idea is that the staff at the women's shelter the woman had been at last summer find it impossible to believe the woman committed this crime, as they heard from her just two weeks ago and she was fine.  Their theory is that this was 'murder' from beginning to end, no 'suicide' involved.

    It was still an odd way for the DMN writer to put it, though.

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  • Heard about this story yesterday...this sort of thing gets me all messed up. Children shouldn't die. It's totally a Revelation 21:4 moment for me. Just trying to visualize a mother hanging her four babies, one after the other, short circuits my mind. I can't stomach that horror. What a broken world.

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