May 31, 2007

  • Dmitry's gettin' down to bidness regarding his education. ;^)

    He's voluntarily attending summer school at Eagle Academy, finishing up 10th grade English, starting on 11th grade English, and is going to try to complete an entire school year's worth of World History.  If he manages this, he'll earn two credits.

    There's still his math, though.  Math.  Bummer.  It's the 800 pound gorilla sitting in the classroom.  We'd planned upon him taking it at summer school, too, but the "real" math teacher is teaching a TAKS math class, due to the number of students who need to retake the math TAKS.  We're thinking of signing him up - after the Eagle Academy summer school session ends on July 9th - for Texas Tech's distance learning high school math course.  If he can get Algebra I finished up, and complete the courses at Eagle, he'll be in position to really make some headway toward getting caught up.

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