March 27, 2007

  • Dmitry is an unhappy camper just now, having had all four wisdom teeth pulled. 

    I didn't think they were going to pull 'em today, seeing as how he didn't have any tranquilizer or anything ahead of time.  I collected him from school a few minutes after 10 a.m. for his 10:30 appointment, waited a while, then the dentist came out to tell me the deed was done and he'd come through fine.  Easiest wisdom-pull they'd had so far this year, according to the dental ass't.

    Poor sweet baby!   e-cry

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  • Well, hopefully since they came out so easily, they'll heal quickly, too.

    I'm ever one for cheerful platitudes!



  • He seems to be okay!

    Since he missed the tooth fairy, etc. while growing up, he went with me to Target to get a video game for being such a stoic patient. The dentist's office loves him! They've sworn ever since he first arrived he's the easiest, most cooperative patient they have.

    Dmitry? MY Dmitry? =8^0

  • Wisdom teeth with nice straight roots are almost as easy to pop out as pocorn off the cob. But give him ice cream for dinner anyway! That was Meg's reward for having ten baby teeth extracted to make way for braces and a spacer...

  • Ice cream for dinner!

    Sounds like a winner.

  • That's what I had! I just had a rotten nasty one pulled today, and it went pretty much the same as Dmitry's. Still, you're NOT SUPPOSED to eat solid food, and cold is GOOD FOR IT.

    So it was a great excuse to do it!

    Cindy, I think there's a sound basis to your "cheerful platitude." The less they have to poke around in there, the less side effect damage is done so there's less healing necessary.

  • When I got wisdom teeth out, the first night was the worst (they made me sleep in an upright position). Although, the worst pain of all was the bill. Owwwch.

  • Tell Dima I'm proud of him and hope he feels lots better tomorrow.  Does he have to go to school tomorrow?

  • Heck, he was at school today.

    He's fine! Ah, to be young and resilient.

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