March 27, 2007

  • Some of y'all may recall that two and a half years ago I bought a PDA....a Palm Zire 31.  It's given me great service and has been a valuable tool, but its battery has finally begun to bite the dust. 

    Apparently it'd cost a fair chunk o' bucks to send it in to have the battery replaced (min. of $65, IIRC), so I went ahead and bought the newest edition, the Palm z22.  Got it from Amazon for $92 with no tax and free shipping.  ;^)

    Tell you what's cool, and that's this beaming business!  If only cell phones did that, by golly.  All those contacts?  My databases?  Just beamed 'em from the Zire 31 to the z22. 

    What I don't know, and haven't been able to find out so far, is whether or not I can get the various programs I purchased and are sitting on the computer in the dining room onto my new device.  e-headscratch

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