March 26, 2007

  • Alright, THIS would be depressing.

    I daresay most everyone reading this (and thank you very much, BTW!) is aware of the subprime mortgage problems currently afflicting the nation's housing industry.  Foreclosures are skyrocketing as initial, low interest rates suddenly take a dramatic upward turn, and many people cannot afford the increased payment.

    Over at there's a list of foreclosures per state for last month, providing the number of them, how many per household, etc.



    Wouldn't you hate to be that poor schnook, if he sees the list and realizes he's IT....he was the only person in the state of Vermont to be foreclosed on last month? 

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  • BAHAHAHA!! Oh, this made me burst out laughing! Poor schnook. Love your perspective, Anne! ;D

  • Strange.  Vermont is not a  wealthy state.  But maybe they know how to live within their means better than some of their ritzier neighbors.

  • No kidding! New Hampshire, in contrast, had 36 foreclosures in February. OTOH, ISTM New Hampshire has been a popular "move-to" state, moreso than Vermont, so maybe that's why. The states with the highest foreclosure rates are those with the highest number of people moving from other states.

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