March 25, 2007

  • What the dickens is hard about NOT falling off a cruise ship?

    There's been a rash of people falling off cruise ships over the past year or two, some with tragic consequences, some without.  This morning the news says a couple managed to go overboard off the Grand Princess while it was 150 miles off the Galveston coast.  Fortunately they were successfully rescued.

    I'd be willing to bet a goodly sum that alcohol was involved in this incident, as it's been in most, if not all, of the others.  You know, cruise lines providing access to an almost unlimited supply of hooch, combined with increased numbers of cabins with balconies, probably isn't a prudent thing to do.

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  • You'd win that bet, Anne.  When we were on an Alaskan cruise, Sam couldn't sleep one night so went for a walk through the corridors.  He came upon a couple dressed in formal attire (it was one of the formal nights).  The woman was passed out drunk on the floor and the man couldn't get her back to their cabin by himself.  Sam helped carry her back.  He said she was dressed beautifully - and was falling down drunk in t he hall.  How easy it would have been for her, if she'd been wandering around alone, to get disoriented and fall overboard.  Surely people in control of themselves don't accidently fall overboard.

  • My friend that moved, moved back.

  • How nice, Aisling!

  • Maybe they were trying to re-enact that scene from Titanic?

  • Good heavens, Kurt, that's a very sensible suggestion. =8^o

    A completely boneheaded thing for them to do, but all too likely!

    I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you're right.

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