February 24, 2007

  • Dust storm!

    Not sure how well it'll come across, but Fort Worth's being buffeted by high winds today, causing a dust storm.

    Bad day to wear contacts. 


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  • oh i am so glad i dont wear contacts anymore. not that im outside.

    and the smell of dust is in our house. ick.

  • Just saw at WFAA.com that a corporate jet was blown off a runway at Love Field, and so far 400 flights have been canceled at DFW. American Airlines says the soonest they'll resume operations there is 7 pm.

    Winds have been gusting up to 56 mph!

  • Incredible amount of crud in the air today. The dust was just starting to cast a light brown haze on the Dallas skyine (less than a mile from our place. Big ol honkin gusts, too! You're right about the contacts. When I lived in Phoenix we'd get the most striking dust storms a few times a year. If you were able to get to the edge of town there was a sight awaiting you. A rolling, churning wall of dust as the leading edge came in. Looked like somethin right out a sci fi movie!! Stay inside if you can and...be safe. Tim

    PS: RYC-- I'll have Kidlett post when I go in the hospital next time. Thanks for your prayers and concern. :)

  • I trust you're dodging the dust, Tim?

    It cannot possibly be beneficial for your health to suck the stuff in like a Hoover. =8^o

    And, one, tell Kidlet thank you, and two, NO RUSH! You try to stay OUT of the hospital.

  • My folks live about an hour northwest of Ft. Worth and they're getting it, too. Shades of their old life in Lubbock. Is that where it's coming from?

  • That's what I read...there was a band of dust between here and Lubbock that was approximately 70 miles wide and 300 miles long.

    That's a lot of dust, folks.

  • I've been "strongly advised" to stay inside untill the dust is gone; and believe me--staying out of that place is my #1 priority!!

  • Very interesting!  I had Rich look at your blog. He's glad he wasn't at his research site in Amarillo. Dust storms are as foreign to the likes of us Northerners as blizzards are to you!

  • I remember when my parents were in Lubbock, they'd have so much dust from those nasty storms that it would be piled up INSIDE by any crack or crevice it found it's way into.

    Sounds like today's a better day, though. That decapitated Dora made me think of Baghdad! =:-o

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