February 25, 2007

  • Today was Hannah’s 2d birthday party!

    Oh dear.  It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, but no one caught it on camera!  e-wallbang

    I’m going to break from my normal mode of posting about parties in
    chronological order, and start toward the end with the Dora the
    Explorer pinata.

    So the pinata was tied to a rope, the rope tossed over a tree limb, and
    the host ready for whapping action.  The pinata had been resting on the
    ground, therefore when it was time to start the game, he pulled on the
    rope to lift the pinata into the air.  He pulled fairly docilely at
    first, but then apparently decided to move things along and gave the
    rope a good, brisk yank.

    The pinata jerked upwards, decapitating poor Dora.  Yes, her head
    remained attached to the rope – and now well up off the ground – while
    her body fell to the ground.

    First there was a short, stunned silence, next a sharp gasp was heard
    from the assembled guests, then the adults followed up with gusts of
    hilarity, darn near falling over themselves while howling with glee. 
    It was SO FUNNY.  Trouble is, it’s one of those pernicious “Guess you
    had to be there” moments, but trust me….it was priceless

    Of course, the children’s fun could not be curtailed so abruptly so here came the calvary, i.e. Daddies with duct tape:


    By the time they finished patching Dora up, some of us feared it’d take a shotgun blast to release the candy:



    Okay, now I’ll go back to the beginning.  e-ghost

    Kirstin and her crew came from Keller, and Jessica and Brianna drove in from North Richland Hills:



    Tell you what, the weather was absolutely perfect!  It literally could
    not have been improved upon.  Clear blue sky, light breeze, mild
    temperature.  Bliss! 

    There was a bounce house provided for the children’s amusement, and amuse them it did; here’s Brianna caught mid-bounce:


    Here are a couple of videos of the kiddos hopping and somersaulting:

    There was a Dora the Explorer cake, plus a small individual cake for Benjamin, whose 5th birthday was today:



    After the cake was the pinata:

    As you can see, Dora had begun to disintegrate again under the plethora of blows she endured.

    Hannah enjoying a lollipop culled from the shattered pinata:

    Benjamin also received a present, I believe from Aunt Jessica:

    It was a delightful party!  Thanks so much to Alex and Beth’s good
    friends for hosting it.  Dreadfully difficult it was to say goodbye,
    though Hannah bore up bravely under the strain, refusing to let go of
    the lollipop long enough to hug anyone (sorry, Alex! still no
    Mama-and-Hannah photo).  She has her priorities, and goodbyes aren’t
    among them.  e-nogood

    Still, at least we got to see them for a bit, and that’s a whole lot better’n nothing, right?   e-thumbs           

    I took my usual crazy stupid number of photos, which will be available
    both at the Slideshow here and at my Flickr, for those who can’t get
    enough photo goodness.  ;^)

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  • When was this? I see girls with barefeet in little cotton dresses, and t-shirts w/jeans, no jackets, nor hats nor gloves. Just…summer-looking clothes.

    And didn’t you have a big ole storm blow through, like, yesterday? And what about the fears of ice storms not a month ago? How is it you all can be traipsing around as barfoot as elves in May?

    but it does look like a grand, fun party!

  • This is north central Texas, sugah.

    I know…freezing weather not long ago, huge flight-canceling/power-outing windstorm on Saturday, perfectly gorgeous day on Sunday!

    Gotta love it here.

  • Yeah, just what I needed after coming in from shoveling the driveway – people sitting around in sleeveless apparel.   Uh huh.

    Okay, I’m be gracious.  Great pics and looks like good fun all around. 

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