Month: September 2006

  • As I mentioned a couple of days ago, the third anniversary of Dmitry's adoption is on Monday.  If someone were to ask me, "What has Dmitry learned over the last three years?" I'd have to point them to:


    Bunny ears.  He got the hang of bunny ears just real well.  This was taken by Jeanne at the party for Cole last Sunday.

    Here's a terrific one of Don and Kirstin, also taken by Jeanne:


    I definitely see the resemblence between them here.

  • Presumably Charles is in Sardinia now.  If it's an island, would it be properly said "in" Sardinia, or "on" Sardinia?   e-11_confused

    Anyway, he managed to snag a few minutes at the airport in London to update his blog, Dallassailor (link down in the subscriptions list), prior to leaving for Olbia, Sardinia.  Of course, I don't know if that's where he's meeting the sub...possibly it was just another interim stop, in which event he's probably somewhere in Italy.

  • HT to Moosebugs for finding the following bit of high irony:

    There's a product called the
    Chimfex Fire Suppressor, intended to buy a homeowner time to get the fire department on the scene in the event of a chimney fire. Pretty cool, huh?

    Sad to say, they're not available any longer:

  • Since the day passed without further word from him, I believe it's safe to say he's somewhere over the Atlantic right now.

    Not under the Atlantic yet, mind.....that's next week.     e-ghost

    Charles just called; seeing as how he made it through the morning muster without being told he isn't going anywhere today, he's working on the assumption he's actually flying out today.

  • Alright, campers!  For those who read this in time....say before 7 a.m.....please say a quick prayer for our dear friend, Vika, who on Friday (Moscow's 9 hours ahead of Fort Worth) will be making her official thesis presentation for her Ph.D in Linguistics.  When we went to meet Dmitry we didn't have Vika as our translator because that was the weekend she was graduating and receiving her Master's degree (can't think why she wasn't willing to skip that so as to meet us), and when we went on the adoption trip (three years ago TOMORROW we left, IIRC) she was about to start working on her doctorate.

    Three years of work on the line with this thesis presentation.

    No pressure. 

  • Speaking of "happening again," Charles says his departure date's been delayed until Friday....possibly even Saturday.  His friend, Summer, is having surgery on Monday; it's a pity they can't just stall his leaving until Tuesday, so he can know she's fine before he leaves. 

  • Doggoned if it didn't happen AGAIN!

    Sitting here at the computer, a "We're Sorry!" notice is stuck on my front door by FedEx.   No knock.  No serious attempt to deliver whatever it is that requires a signature (I think it's the grinder for my KitchenAid mixer).  Nope, just slap the notice up and take off.

    Maybe the driver has tickets for something tonight and is trying to make sure he finishes up in good time? 

    Seeing as how it'd been all of FIVE MINUTES when I saw the notice, I called the 800 number (discovering that while "customer service" is not one of the options provided to say, if you say it you'll eventually reach a human being) and complained.

    The driver's going to have to come back and deliver the package. 

    UPS and DHL never give me trouble, but the Post Office and FedEx can be nuisances.

    Update:  Guess who never showed up? 

  • For those who might be interested, Beth's posted a short video of them teaching Hannah to say grace at Ivyleaguebaby  You can hear Beth and Alex and see Hannah.

    Well, *I* thought it was fascinating.  e-batting

  • Alright!  The audio thing got worked out (something about caches?), so here's the bit introducing Bethie last July at a Texas Rangers' game:

    Some 'broadcaster', since she wasn't permitted actually say anything.  e-rolleyes2

    And when you listen you'll notice the broadcaster saying he couldn't decide which is cuter....Bethie or the stuffed bear being given to the children in attendance?

    Excuse me?  The guy was having trouble deciding between Bethie and a giveaway bear?  e-mggrumpy

    Bethie, bub...BETHIE!  She's much cuter than any ol' dumb bear

  • Well, this has been frustrating.  Earlier this afternoon I lost access to Yahoo!, and all associated sites such as Geocities and Flickr. 

    Tried to get onto them from both Firefox and IE7, on two different computers.  Rebooted the cable modem.  Nothing worked.  So long as the site had zip to do with Yahoo!, it came up fine; only Yahoo! sites couldn't be reached.

    Finally went to the Charter website and did one of those Java chat support things, where I came into contact with a certain Carlianne, who tersely informed me there is indeed a problem with Yahoo.

    Is that all I need?

    I asked a couple of other questions in an attempt to find out how widespread the problem is, etc. only to be brusquely informed it's not Charter's problem so she couldn't say.

    Is that all I need?

    Carlianne came up with the brilliant suggestion as a way for me to find out what's Yahoo. 

    I pointed out that under the circumstances that'd be rather a trick.  Carlianne pointed out she doesn't have contact info for Yahoo so she can't help.

    Is that all I need?

    Yeah, Carlianne, that's all I need.  Thanks for your "help".  e-fingers_ears

    Here's a kick in the head....turns out Mom, who is also a Charter customer, also can't access Yahoo, while Elaine, who is DSL, can.

    Oh, Carliaaaaaannnnne!   e-nogood