September 27, 2006

  • Doggoned if it didn't happen AGAIN!

    Sitting here at the computer, a "We're Sorry!" notice is stuck on my front door by FedEx.   No knock.  No serious attempt to deliver whatever it is that requires a signature (I think it's the grinder for my KitchenAid mixer).  Nope, just slap the notice up and take off.

    Maybe the driver has tickets for something tonight and is trying to make sure he finishes up in good time? 

    Seeing as how it'd been all of FIVE MINUTES when I saw the notice, I called the 800 number (discovering that while "customer service" is not one of the options provided to say, if you say it you'll eventually reach a human being) and complained.

    The driver's going to have to come back and deliver the package. 

    UPS and DHL never give me trouble, but the Post Office and FedEx can be nuisances.

    Update:  Guess who never showed up? 

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  • Yeah, I'm not so much of a fan for FedEx these days.

    Gimme UPS any day.

  • How frustrating!! No delivery person stands a chance of missing me if I'm home the dog(s) always announce their arrival. Stella used to but being that she's 13 (the golden retriever) she just doesn't hear them pull into the driveway. Jenny is only about 3 (or 4 the humane society wasn't too clear on her age when we got her last year) and she loves to greet any delivery person, or anyone who looks like they might give her a treat or a pat on the head. The Post Office is the one that gives me fits. Is it too difficult to ask that I be delivered MY mail and not the nice man one street over's mail?!

  • I was waiting for them this afternoon, opening the door as soon as I saw the truck pull up (which came from the north, meaning it drove past the van in my driveway). The drivers leapt out and cheerfully greeted me.

    My response, though civil, wasn't nearly as cheerful, as I pointed out I'd been home when they came by yesterday, so they didn't try very hard to deliver the package, did they?

    The lead driver breezily explained I "must not have heard [him] when [he] knocked."

    Whereupon I pushed open the front door and gestured toward the chair at the computer desk, at most 10 feet away, and clearly visible. "I don't think so. I was sitting right there."

    [pause] "Oh. You were?"

    "Yup. You didn't knock at all, obviously, for I'd have heard if you had."

    [mumbling] "Sorry 'bout that....sign here, please."

    For pity's sake, I actually heard the "We're Sorry!" notice being put on the door's window, only figured it to be the mail (mailbox is next to the door) so didn't pay much attention. I could hear a sticky note being applied to glass but missed a KNOCK?

    Don't think so.

  • FedEx argh. How getting caught in a lie will cause one to mumble shamefully and shuffle away. Let us know how the grinder works. We are thinking about getting one to grind wheat but we are not sure it will grind it fine enough.

  • You should have seen his face when he saw where the computer desk and chair are in relation to the door. I mean, Dmitry's friends across the street will tap lightly on the glass in the small inset window and wave at me when I turn my head a bit to see who it is, usually waving them on in.

    That dude was busted.

    Being the charitable, gracious soul I am, I didn't mention that I'd called to complain yesterday afternoon and he was supposed to return then, but did not.

    Will let you know how the grinder works, Steve, though I hadn't planned upon grinding wheat. Just ham, etc.

  • You got the meat grinder not the wheat grinder.  We have a hand grinder but it takes 20 minutes to grind 4 cups of wheat.  I'm grateful that most of the time we only need 4 cups.  Have fun with you new grinder.

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