September 25, 2006

  • Well, this has been frustrating.  Earlier this afternoon I lost access to Yahoo!, and all associated sites such as Geocities and Flickr. 

    Tried to get onto them from both Firefox and IE7, on two different computers.  Rebooted the cable modem.  Nothing worked.  So long as the site had zip to do with Yahoo!, it came up fine; only Yahoo! sites couldn't be reached.

    Finally went to the Charter website and did one of those Java chat support things, where I came into contact with a certain Carlianne, who tersely informed me there is indeed a problem with Yahoo.

    Is that all I need?

    I asked a couple of other questions in an attempt to find out how widespread the problem is, etc. only to be brusquely informed it's not Charter's problem so she couldn't say.

    Is that all I need?

    Carlianne came up with the brilliant suggestion as a way for me to find out what's Yahoo. 

    I pointed out that under the circumstances that'd be rather a trick.  Carlianne pointed out she doesn't have contact info for Yahoo so she can't help.

    Is that all I need?

    Yeah, Carlianne, that's all I need.  Thanks for your "help".  e-fingers_ears

    Here's a kick in the head....turns out Mom, who is also a Charter customer, also can't access Yahoo, while Elaine, who is DSL, can.

    Oh, Carliaaaaaannnnne!   e-nogood

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  • This Tuesday AM it works fine!!!! I activated my google email yesterday with thanks for Justin and Elaine for recommending I have it just in case. So I emailed Elaine and she forwarded me a letter I had been looking for. So I shall keep Google mail at the ready! That's all, folks.

  • Anne, are you back on Yahoo?

  • Yes, like Mom's, it was working fine this morning. Go figure!

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