July 25, 2006

  • Dmitry and I are presently waiting for the arrival of the social worker
    from Gladney (and one or two interns) who will conduct the LAST
    so-how's-he-doing? report for Russia! 

    Not that he's going to lose interest in Russia, seeing as how Sveta's
    over there, but still....it's nice to think Russia'll pretty much lose
    interest in him, and if we move we won't have to apprise them of his
    address, etc.

    If I can just get the Texas adoption finally done (I'm a hound, I
    know), that'll be IT.  Nothing left to do regarding his

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  • What is the Texas Adoption?  It's been 3 years, and it is still draging out.  Wow!!!  Adoption is an elaborate process.  Wouldn't it be amazing if God has japanese adoption in store for us while there.

  • That's just getting him adopted here in America, basically. He was officially adopted in Russia, and the US Immigration Dept. is aware of it, too, but Texas is pretty much unaware he exists as a member of our family, as he hasn't been adopted here.

    We have got to do that.

    United States adoptions take place at the state level, you see. Being adopted here will give him a US birth certificate, so he can trundle down to the place on University in future and get one, just like everyone else around here does.

    Right now his only birth certificate is Russian, with an English translation attached, and if the house burned or was blown away by a tornado it wouldn't be impossible to get it replaced, but it'd be a nuisance and a half.

  • And the reason we haven't done this is what again?  It sounds like no big deal the way you describe it.

  • Largely because I'm a hound, but also it would have cost several hundred dollars, which we've not had.

    However, there's now an attorney at church who's offered to do it gratis, with families only paying for the court costs.

  • Will you have a party celebrating his adoption in America? It always amazes me how much paperwork is always involved. I think it will be a wonderful thing to have Texas recognize that he is a member of your family

  • Knowing our family's predilection for parties, I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

  • Our prayers are with you!! It's been a long road for you.
    RYN: Those movers...grrrrrr!!! Was able to track down the owner's email address, so I have a letter in the works letting him know exactly what I think about his manager and the way he deals with his customers.

  • That is great news.  I had no idea it was such a long and difficult process.

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