July 24, 2006

  • A pair of travel items this week.....first, my daughter, Kirstin, is on
    her way to Honduras for a mission trip, returning next weekend. 
    May the LORD keep her and the rest of the team safe, and most
    important, may their trip be productive.

    Second, Mom and I will be heading down to the Mississippi coast on
    Thursday for a reunion of some of the other attendees of our
    now-defunct girls' college, Gulf Park.  Mom went there in the 40's
    (I hadn't thought about it before, but I suppose it must have been
    during WWII), and I was there my freshman year, 1969-1970, with a
    delayed start due to Hurricane Camille smashing the coast up right
    before school was scheduled to start.  We'll only be gone a couple
    of nights, returning Saturday evening.  Apparently we might not
    get to actually visit the campus itself, which had become part of the
    University of Mississippi system (I think that's right), as it was
    damaged by Katrina last year.

    It's been sixteen years since I even drove through the Mississippi gulf
    coast area, and that was prior to the casinos, so I daresay I literally
    won't recognize the area.  Along with the reunion, I'm
    anticipating meeting up with a friend of mine who moved to that area
    last year.  Looks to be a busy few days!

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  • You will be covered in prayers.  How old is your daughter?  I will pray for her also.  I really appreciate your prayers lately.

  • Here is the link to Gulf Park, as it now is. Sigh.


  • "Now defunct"?  What happened to it?  It's a shame there aren't more women only and men only colleges.

    Hope you have a great trip.  Mike and I lived in Biloxi the first five months we were married in an apartment on Eisenhower - just about two or three blocks from the Gulf.  It was a nice, long honeymoon.

  • Well, apparently Marcia (my best friend then, who went to GP too and roomed with me) and I killed it off, as the following year (1970-1) was its last year.


    Heather, Kirstin's 31 years old, married, with three children. Appreciate the prayers on her behalf!

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