July 26, 2006

  • This morning the internet cable service went down.  Most annoying.

    When I called into Charter - after restarting the computer a couple of times, along with rebooting the cable modem, router, and wireless router - and managed to thread my way through chirpy recorded sales pitches and myiard options as to which button to push to get where I wanted to go, I arrived at the "If your internet cable connection isn't working properly, push 3" choice.

    To hear "Due to an unusually high volume of calls, we are experiencing delays in answering..."

    Now lookie here.  Every single, solitary time I call Charter it seems I get the "Due to an unusually high volume of calls" message.  If it happens ALL THE TIME, it no longer qualifies as "unusual", now does it?

    No, it doesn't.

    Hire some more people, Charter, and answer the stupid phone. 

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  • Amen, sister!!! I'm payin you for the service, so put a live person on the line while you're at it! Something else that's starting to bother me..."For English, press__". Isn't that pretty much our default language here in the USA? Leans a few phrases and call back. Now, I didn't mean that to sound ugly or insensitive, but the last 2 or 3 foreign countries I visited made no special effort to accomodate my language barrier. Hope you're having a great weekend. I kinda miss the ol west side already :( ...hugs, Tim

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