June 20, 2006

  • Yesterday evening our granddaughter, Brianna, arrived to spend the
    better part of the week with us, as she attends the Christ Chapel Bible
    Church VBS. It runs Tuesday through Friday, with a big kick-off
    party last night. Our niece, Meredith, graciously consented to
    bear us company, and away we went.

    It was quite crowded, so there tended to be looong lines for the most
    popular activities. Don did line duty for the Team Challenge
    Inflatable, while the girls did the beanbag toss. See the yellow
    thing between Marebear and the yellow bucket? That's her
    beanbag. She was so good she kept being moved back.


    I must say this was a good notion, taking few volunteers, and very low cost....bubble wrap pop!


    The girls loved the inflatable challenge course, insisting upon going
    through it twice, darn the line! Which was, of course, easy for them to say as it was Don and I who waited in it.



    BTW, both times Marebear beat Brianna, though getting a bit slower start. She's FAST!

    All that effort takes it out of a girl, though, so reviving snowcones were in order:


    Here's Don talking to them about something, I don't know what.
    It's a nice shot of the new sanctuary in the background. The
    girls also rode the "train" that can be seen behind them.


    While there Viktor, one of the boys from Ryazan who came home earlier
    in the spring, stopped to say hello, looking around for Dmitry.
    Unfortunately I had to disabuse him of the idea that this was a
    Dmitry-style affair. Too many people, too hot, and accompanied by
    little girls?

    Yeah, like that's gonna happen. Compared to Taylor and Tibia, it was no contest.

    Brianna had a terrific time at the VBS this morning, and is looking forward to returning on the morrow.

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  • Those are great pictures. Meredith loved it! Thanks so much for taking her along. Glad Brianna is enjoying VBS so far. She's welcome to come to ours in July as well. The more the merrier!

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