June 19, 2006

  • Got my camera back last night, so here's a photo from Bethie's recital last Wednesday evening (sadly, none of the 'action' photos of the stage turned out worth a darn):

    June2006 028sm

    Surrounded by her admirers' floral tributes.  ;^)

    Last night we had our June celebration, this time courtesy of Jessica Marie.  She used one of the cool perqs of being a manager for Chili's by snagging the upstairs room of the Sundance Square store, and getting the meal comp'd.  Sweet, huh? 

    When we arrived, several family members had beat us to it, and were waiting outside.  Here's Jill with darling Cole, who just gets cuter and cuter:

    June2006 031sm

    Clearly Cole's paternal grandmother, Jeanne, thinks he's pretty cute, too:

    June2006 032sm

    Unfortunately I was trapped against the wall, so my photo-taking ability was limited.  Still, here's one of Elaine, who was opening birthday cards, Jeanne beaming at Margaret, and Justin.

    June2006 035sm

    It was a very nice party, indeed. 

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  • Beautiful Bethie! And wow, I bet there are some grown-up, professional dancers who'd be happy with that many floral tributes! And a sweet, "princessy" costume, too.

    And Cole is a lamb. Chewable cheeks.


  • Just skidding through while I have a couple of minutes. cute pictures!! I love your family, they are so normal (these days I crave normal more than air).

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