June 21, 2006

  • How does one get a bird (or birds….hard to tell) out of the
    chimney?  All of a sudden, about 6:30 a.m., loud bird noises began
    to be heard from there.  Most startling it was.

    And it’s also aggravating as all git out.  e-browlift

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  • If they haven’t built a nest, then you can smoke them out. Otherwise wait till babies have hatched and fledged and left home, then have chimney sweep clean it out and then put a screen over the top of the chimney to keep the birds from nesting next year. Good luck.

  • when the lizard got stuck in the chimney in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice kicked her foot firmly up the chimney, and the lizard popped out the top.

    LOL You could try that. Just be thankful it isn’t racoons, as it was for my mom a couple of years ago. !!!!

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