May 27, 2006

  • Charles called a little while ago.  He and Joseph went on the
    Staten Island Ferry, and he took lots of photos of the New York skyline
    and the Statue of Liberty.  Some heliocopters are flying around,
    including a couple of Chinooks, and someone told them this indicated
    the president was in town.  He called me so I could check to see
    where the prez is spending the day, and by golly, he was at West Point,

    So he's at least in the state. 

    Charles said their next stop was Central Park.

    Did I mention that Charles is on the loose in New York City today, along with his friend, Joseph?   

    Not sure whether to be more concerned for Charles Edward or the Big Apple. 

    do they pick their weekend in the big city or what?  Turns out
    this is "Fleet Week"  which is, according to,  "where
    for the last 19 years, thousands of sailors and Marines have hit
    the city to blow off steam, and even more civilians get the chance to
    see some of the military's newest technologies, even those still under