May 26, 2006

  • Every now and again a simple action serves to remind me of how superior today is to yesteryear in at least a few respects.

    Case in point:  bought a can of mixed nuts, Don and I both
    relishing them.  As I pried off the plastic lid and pulled off the
    foil seal, it suddenly occurred to me how much easier this is than
    prying off the little "key" from the top (or was it glued to the
    bottom?) of the can, then inserting the small metal tongue through its
    hole, and attempting to roll the key evenly enough to detach the lid
    from the body of the can. Remember winding up with a curlyqued metal
    strip?  Unless the key broke or something, of course.

    If you're too young to have a clue what I'm talking about, take it from didn't miss a thing.

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  • I remember those! Same kind of booby trap on canned hams and other foods that were generally yummy but not very good for us. As I recall, those edges were SHARP! Just like the old pull tabs on canned drinks. I sliced open my foot at least once every summer because some moron couldn't find the trash can and just flicked it onto the shoreline or parking lot or wherever. That was when we had the old plastic ring type holders for 6 packs; before the enviros decided too many ducks were getting strangled on them. Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend! Hugs...Tim.

  • Well, hey, if I remember when milk was delivered by horse and wagon on the streets of Philadephia (and I do), of course I remember those pesky keys.   And so often they broke off in the middle of the process, well after the point of no return, and one was left with the problem of finding a way to open the thing far enough to get the goods out.   Imagine the lawsuits there would be with such a product today.

  • You know, I never thought about that, but you're right....the threat of lawsuits would put the kibosh on that mode of opening a container, wouldn't it?

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