May 27, 2006

  • Alright, this is strange!

    Teens Using Ring Tones Adults Can't Hear

    Teens are taking their
    ingenuity to a new level by installing a ring
    tone with a high-frequency buzz that most adults can't hear so they can
    use their phones to text-message in classrooms, according to reports in
    England.Known as "Teen Buzz," it is spread from phone to phone via text
    message and Bluetooth technology, the Daily Mail said.The
    sound was being used in a device called the Mosquito, which was
    marketed to help store owners in England repel teenagers from loitering
    outside their shops.The high-pitch sound is irritating for
    teenagers but most adults can't hear it because over the age of 20,
    most adults are unable to hear that frequency (between 18 to 20 kHz),
    according to Mosquito manufacturer Compound Security. It is based on
    the medical phenomenon known as presbycusis, or age-related hearing
    loss, Compound Security said.

    A school teacher in England discovered the scam being used by his students.
    "All the kids were laughing about something, but I didn't know what ...
    They could all hear somebody's phone ringing but I couldn't hear a
    thing," he told reporters.

    Don and I couldn't hear it, but Taylor could:  Teen Buzz Tone

    He said it was very high-pitched and irritating, grimacing as he listened.

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  • that hurt!!!  Thanks bunches, I was expecting not an awful popping stattic, I think I have a headache now, and that wasn just a second, while I reached over and shut it off!  yeesh Anne!  I'm over 20...wasn't supposed to hear that huh?



  • You're kidding! You could hear that? =8^o

    You've got kiddie ears, apparently.

  • Jason and I heard nothing. Stefan's here - age 14 - and he heard it. He thinks it's AWESEOME! Can't wait to actually get a cell phone to use the dumb thing.

    Thanks Anne. Of course, if he gets CAUGHT using his cell phone in school, they'll take it, not to be returned until the end of the school year. HAH!


  • Hehehehe!

    Waitaminute....end of the school year?

    Fort Worth's ended yesterday.

  • BTW, Cindy, did you notice the name of the reason we grown-ups can't hear it?


    I thought that rather funny. >;^>

  • I did notice it, Anne, and took it very personally.

    I'm like that, you know.

    It's all about ME! (snark)


  • Oh, our kids have another week or more of school. A week from this coming Friday, I believe.


  • I couldn't hear it either!  I need to test it on my 20 year old, that will be interesting.  You know, I used to get really irritated by the sound right at the entrance of the larger mall it doesn't bother me, I haven't thought about it for years!  I wonder if it's the same tone.

    Just another way for this generation to defy authority! Hmph!

  • I heard it, and now know what the word "impinging" means. The sound "impinged" on my nerve endings, and made me grit my teeth. Abbie also thought it was nerve wracking, but I think she heard it louder than I.

    I'm 45. Wonder if that means I'll still have my hearing in my 80's?

  • If it's as awful as all that...and based upon Taylor's grimace and retreat and y'all's comments, it must must be desperate to get their text messages if they're willing to put with that sound as an alert!

  • That is so eerie!  I, of course, didn't hear a thing.  

  • Ouch.  That is ear peircing.  I'm 25, and I could hear it.  Can you hear the sound the TV makes when it is on, but the sound is turned off, and there is no picture?  That sounds drives me nuts too.

  • Stefan brought Ethan with him today to see what he hears. Ethan really hated it! Both of them say it's like the sound the TV makes when it's first coming on. Ethan says, "You know that sound, Aunt Cin?" I said, "I REMEMBER that sound - haven't heard it in a looooooooooong time."




  • I figured with our hearing the husband and I wouldn't be able to hear it. So I clicked on it and we both grimaced. Amazing really because the husband can't hear some frequencies and I'm always sure that I'm losing my hearing (or maybe it's my mind I'm losing)

  • Cheri, y'all can assure yourselves you're as young as your ears.

  • I was playing it for a test, and Maria (11) was standing about 10 feet behind me, oblivious to what I was doing, and suddenly shrieked, "What IS that horrible sound?"

    Josh (13) and Anna (15) couldn't hear anything even though they were listening. Ray and I were oblivious.

  • Okay, Conrad, Gaelan (20)and I can't hear it. Isaac, Shayna and Steven (18) could.  Both the little ones said that it was like the sound the tv makes, trying to demonstrate...didn't hear anything, but I too remember the sound.  Very interesting.  I can tell you that it didn't irritate Steven's ears like it did the younger ones. 

  • Rich couldn't hear it and neither could I (ha, surprise, the lady with hearing aids), but 17yo Meg and her friend could...and hated it.

  • I couldn't hear it until I turned the sound all the way up. At least, I think that was the sound. It could have just been my computer. Do TVs still make a sound when they turn on? All TVs, or just old ones? (BTW, I wish my computer was quieter.)

  • I could hear a static sound, not loud or irritating.  BTW - my dog had no response!

  • hmm i couldn't hear this one but someone psoted one that i could

    are there more than one of these floating around? i heard literally nothing when i tried this. even with the volume up. odd.

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