May 26, 2006

  • By golly, he did it.  Completed eighth grade and received his award as "most academically improved" middle-schooler.  Turns out this was really rather a big deal, with a trophy!  I was expected a sheet of paper or small plaque.  Being Dmitry, did he beam?  Did he even smile?


    Heck, no.  He strode up to the front, looking for all the world as if he was on his way to the dentist's chair, shook Dr. Lee's hand, took his trophy, and scurried back as fast as he could, face like grim death. 

    Ah, that he lights up a room. 

    Mrs. Hinds joked about it afterward, and I found myself apologizing for his lack of enthusiasm.  He was taken by surprise, and had to walk up in front of dozens of people. 

    He'd rather have his teeth drilled.

    However, he's truly pleased about the trophy, acceding to my request to take his picture with it for Sveta (though he didn't point overdoing it), and observing it's the first award he's ever received in his life ("I always wanted to get one in Russia").  It's now carefully placed among the photos on the shelf that used to house Alex's various trophies. 

    BTW, here he is with it:

    Recitals 072

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  • I am so proud of Dmitry!! and as a teen boy, he can't be expected to show any enthusiasm in front of the fellows he will be in school with next year. That just isn't done!! To think he came here from a white Russian area, to Texas with Mexican kids, Black kids, and a new language, plus a different type of school, And he has kept his head above water and is beginning to fit in. I know if I were 13 and dumped in Siberian Russia, with different folks, language and temperature, I would not have done as well. He's a winner in my Book!! from his proud Babushka!!

  • Yay Dmitry! And it is funny that he is such a jovial fellow...NOT! Come to think of it, I wouldn't want up on that stage, either!

  • Fortunately it wasn't an actual stage...Eagle's too small for that. He'd have lain down and died before getting on a stage!

    You're right, Mom, he's learning how to adapt to various situations and people, which doesn't come naturally to him at all. He's done quite well. Do you know, when he took the Texas English Language Proficieny Assessment this spring, his reading score was 762, which is advanced?

    Writing, of course, is a whole other pair of shoes, but reading....?

    He's very, very good.

  • Did I mention how proud I am??  Well,  consider it said!! I'm proud of Dmitry Davidov Ivy!! his Babushka.

  • Bravo Dimitry!  I am so proud of him - what an accomplishment!  Now he's on to high school, and I'm sure he will continue to work hard & do well.  Love, Aunt Jeanne

  • I've never even met Dmitry and I'm proud of him.  What a long way he's come in a short time.  What a guy.  And I see a hint of a smile in that pic.

  • He is SO proud of that trophy, running to show it to Don when he got home last night, and to Dan and Joe this afternoon when they came to fetch him to spend the night.

    He must have been tired this morning, to have neglected to haul it out for you and Dad to admire, Mom.

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