May 25, 2006

  • His leave was denied.  

    Charles' chief said no to his request for leave next month, even though Charles explained about Alex probably leaving for Japan before he finishes A-school.  e-cry

    Alex called 45 minutes ago to say he got his orders, and he separates from the Mid-South band on August 6, and must report for duty in Japan no later than Sept.22.  He doesn't have a lot of leave available, however....maybe a couple of weeks?  Trouble is, I daresay he'll still need to leave for Japan before Charles completes his A-school in September.

    Hmmm.....maybe Charles could fly home for a weekend?  If he can go to NYC, I don't see why he can't fly down here. 

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  • I'm sorry that it isn't working out!  Being in the military is very hard on familial relations!  That is something that you will have to really keep in prayer!  I am praying for Charles, too! As a single guy in the Navy...he needs lots! ;^)

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