January 31, 2006

  • Back to show bidness as usual.  The Academy Awards nominations are out, and I've not seen any of the nominees for Best Film.

    Or any others, for that matter. 

    Thinking about it, the only movie I saw in a theatre in 2005 was Mad Hot Ballroom.  Doesn't look like it received a nomination, the stinkers. 

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  • Not only have I not seen any of the movies, I have absolutely no interest in seeing any of them. The only one of the major award movies I'm remotely interested in is P&P for which Keira Knightley received a Best Actress nod. And that is all.

  • I watch them when they show up on TV. For free. And not before. Cheep, cheep, cheap, that's me. Watch pennies and dollars take care of them selves. And BTW $1.56 is the interest for one day on $10,000!!! So that's why I'm so cheap! Watching dollars accumulate!!

  • Mrs G, I guess it's obvious that we don't watch our pennies closely enough. Our savings acounts earn $1.56 a YEAR!


  • Well, I dunno what it's like in Mrs. G's part of the world, but halfway decent movies never show up on TV around here unless you pay full freight for the fancy cable service (the basic service we have doesn't really get us anything in the way of decent movies.) You could go to the theater a LOT (at least a lot by my standards) for what that costs per month.

  • Once again, it's good to be old.  We can see a movie (before 4 p.m.) for $5.  We take advantage of it - oh, maybe twice a year.

  • Being cheap, which I think I mentioned, we only get the basic plus sports cable and so that precludes any new movies so the ones I watch are sorta oldish. Did anyone like "Shakespeare  in Love"? I like Judith Dench but just can't bring myself to actually sit and watch the movie. Every now and then it shows back up on regular cable. And I'm not good with DVD's as I don't remember if we have a dvd player, I think we do somewhere, and don't thereby remember how to work it. Friends borrow movies from the library and watch. I just read and play computer games when there is nothing on TV.

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