January 31, 2006

  • When is theft not theft?

    Why, when it's a "serious personal mistake in judgment," of course. 

    A former Wal-Mart vice-president - who'd been mentored by Sam Walton
    himself -  has pleaded guilty to five counts of wire fraud and one
    count of filing a false tax return.  Fraudulently obtained gift
    cards used to purchase liquor from a Sam's Club.  Faked invoices
    to get money to pay for hunting leases and just get some cash,

    And all this while pulling down a salary of $1M per year.

    Amazing how people rarely own up to actual sin, instead preferring to admit only to "mistakes."

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  • I remember when Walmart used to brag that most of their goods were made in America, then it was the ones with a flag on and now??? A friend's son just had his job out sourced for the 3rd job! India. When will our govt learn! This is not good.

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