January 31, 2006

  • Alex called to tell us Hannah waved bye-bye!  Isn't she a clever girl? 

    More clever than she realized, seeing as how it was Beth leaving the
    apartment, but when Hannah lifted her arm and waggled her fingers at
    Mama, Mama started crying and came back, not leaving after all. 

    Neat trick there, Hannah. 

    Alex also called to ask if I had any suggestions as to where the Brass
    Quintet should go for dinner in St. Louis tomorrow evening. 
    Haven't a clue, so thought I'd ask you. 

    Actually, Don and I both recall a steak house we ate at in St. Louis
    once, many years ago.  Named after a baseball player.  Stan
    Musial, perhaps?   
    What's really unnerving is neither of us can remember exactly when or
    even why we were in that city, unless it was way back when we attended
    a friend's wedding in Jefferson City.

    Forgot the wedding.  Remember the steak.  Oy vey!