Month: September 2005

  • Surfin' around in a search for grist for my musical mill, it's astounding what one comes across. 

    It finally dawned on me that rather than rely on my (laughable) memory, I should visit radio station websites and scrutinze their play
    lists.  KLUV (98.7) has a Top 500 list which has proven to be
    quite helpful.  Most songs I don't save, content merely to listen
    to it once, and one of these was "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" by
    Jackie DeShannon (I've never claimed to have sophisticated tastes,
    musical or otherwise).

    A search for it brought up myriad renderings of it, including one by  -  to quote Dave Barry, I am not making this up  -  Leonard Nimoy, taken from the album, Spaced Out - The Best of Leonard Nimoy.

    I wasn't aware he had any songs out, never mind enough of them to compile a "best of" album. 

  • Two things...

    One, do y'all doggedly finish a book once begun, or if it fails to hold
    your interest do you shut it and go on to another?  I'm giving up
    halfway through on Joan Hess's Good Bye Body, as it occurs to me I have absolutely zero interest in whodunit.  Borrowed the newest Mary Daheim (The Alpine Quilt) from the library, too, and can't gear myself up to actually read it.

    I fear those authors have run their course so far's I'm concerned, as
    have quite a few others, such as Diane Mott Davidson and there's
    someone else whose name escapes me just now. 

    Bummer.  Good mystery authors aren't that easily come by.

    Two, where the heck has Charlie Daniels been all my life? 
    Yesterday while I was out running around his song "The Devil Went Down
    to Georgia" played on the radio and as usual I enjoyed it, so when I
    got home I booted up the Yahoo! Music Engine and searched for it. 
    Decided to play the album it was in and hoo! boy!, fell crazy in
    love.  Bought it for the princely sum of $7.81. 

    His rendering of Orange Blossom Special is magnificent!  If you've access to Yahoo!'s music, or Rhapsody or something, give it a listen.

  • Do you take a local daily newspaper?  Don and I have taken the
    Fort Worth Star-Telegram for years, though of late only Don reads it,
    and sometimes even he skips it.  This morning I was at Elaine's house
    and there on a table in the entry hall were four or five unopened
    newspapers, still in their plastic sleeves.  Turns out neither
    Elaine nor her husband read it regularly.

    But for all that, I don't intend to stop subscribing to it, because I
    don't want it to disappear.  I recall years ago when the Metroplex
    had four dailies:  the aforementioned Fort Worth Star-Telegram,
    the Fort Worth Press, the Dallas Morning News, and the Dallas Times

    Now the Press and the Times Herald are defunct.

    Unless I want to feel responsible for the S-T to go the way of the
    dodo, the mammoth, and the Press, I figure it's best to keep it coming.

    Xanga has apparently made some changes so I can no longer have a poll
    right on the page, doggone it.  Now there's a link:  Do you subscribe?

  • Justin sent a couple of pix this evening:

    Can't decide which nephew's cuter.....

  • Just returned from taking Mom (and obviously myself) back out to get a
    real look at li'l Cole.  Worked fine!  He was in a bassinette
    this time, so we could see him properly. 

    [beaming]  Isn't he a poppet?  Weighed in as 7 lb 12 oz
    (meaning I owe John lunch...we had a bet going), 20 in., with
    strawberry blond hair.

    His Daddy's still quite taken with him; here he is giving Cole a buss.

    Jill was there, too, of course. 

    The new little family!

    Auntie Anne with her newest poppet. 

  • He's HERE!!!

    Justin Cole was born at 7:41 p.m. 

    I don't yet have any close up photos, as he hadn't been taken away to
    be cleaned up and weighed and measured.  Isn't that weird?  I
    left the hospital having no idea how long he is or how much he

    However, I've still got some nifty photos from my afternoon/evening at the hospital:

    Jill, Justin, and Jill's younger sister, Kristin, earlyish in the afternoon.

    The new grandparents, right after I (yes, I!  as in ME!) told them Cole's here,
    and we'll be able to see him in ten minutes or so.  I'd gone into
    the hall, saw a nurse leaving Jill's room, and she told me the baby's
    here, and shortly we'll be allowed to visit him.  That was fun, let me tell you . . . charging back into the waiting room to tell the waiting family and friend the news. 

    Cole's grandmamas.

    Jeanne getting her first glimpse of her grandson. 

    A very happy new Daddy.  Jill's going to be fortunate to get to hold the baby anytime soon. 

    You wanna try to separate those two?

    He's awfully cute, though I know it's not detectable from these
    picture, but between Cole being wrapped like a Christmas present, and
    Justin clinging to him like a drowning man clinging to a raft, it
    wasn't possible to get a full face photo.  Maybe tomorrow. 

  • By jingo, you can't say Pennsylvanians aren't marvelously good sports
    about being hauled up and down and around the Fort Worth zoo on a hot
    September morning.  ;^)

    Ron pointing to the photo-shy orangutang.  Speaking of which, guess who it reminded me of in this next picture? 

    The crew in the Primate House, which provided not only primates but blessed, refreshing coolness.

    Waiting for the train, to hitch a ride back to the front of the zoo.  Note the longhorn in the background.

    "The breeze!  The breeze!"  Hazel rejoicing in the breeze created by the train, as did we all.

    I think - though don't anyone hold me to it - this is at the tiger exhibit.

    Not much commentary, I'm afraid, as I'm on my way to the
    hospital.  Thanks so much to Clara, Chris, Georgie, Hazel, and Ron
    for making time for Texas, and time for me.  They'll be mostly on
    the road until they arrive home on October 16....prayers for their safe
    journey would be much appreciated! 

    Till later, when I should have pictures of Cole Woollis, making his first appearance on this temporal stage. 

  • What a superb evening we
    had!  This afternoon saw the advent of Cindy's (Presby2 in
    Xangaland) sisters, Hazel and Clara, friend, Georgie, and her nephew,
    Ron, and Ron's friend, Chris.  These five zany
    Pennsylvanians left several days ago from their home, and are making
    their way to  -  are you ready?  -  Oregon.   

    As a friend of mine (who reads my blog but is a hound and a half because he doesn't comment) observed, "And they complain about men not asking for directions."

    Okay, Pennsylvania to Oregon by way of Texas isn't the most common
    route, it cannot be denied, but they were in Tennessee seeing another
    family member before he left for Iraq (I think I have that right,
    Cindy?), so were basically in the neighborhood and came on down to

    Dmitry and I fetched them this evening and we headed to the Stockyards area, for a taste of the real Texas (they'd been in Dallas earlier in the day, poor things . . . like there's anything worth seeing there). 
    I was concerned, however, for Ron was eagerly anticipating seeing
    cowboys, but there's no rodeo tonight.  Dang.  As we walked
    past the Cowtown Coliseum we went on up to see if it was at least open,
    which it was.  And look.....!  There were cows in the holding
    pens inside!

    And a cowboy riding a horse around the arena! 

    And a trio of girls singing country songs! 

    Turned out there is a private party (that's some
    party, with its own rodeo show) this evening, so we were seeing part of
    the rehearsal.  Worked for us!  We clapped for the rider and
    the singers, swayed to the music, and generally had a terrific time for
    about fifteen or twenty minutes (they were very kind, permitting us to
    stay until 6:30), which, when it comes to rodeos, is just about

    Is the LORD good or what?  Isn't it amazing how He provided such a treat for Ron and Chris? 

    We left the coliseum and began walking north toward Billy Bob's, as
    I've never been inside and thought, "Why not?"  The guys
    immediately noticed the video games set up, so with a supply of coins
    they were all set:

    Chris and Clara watching Mad Dog Ron on the motorcycle.  Take some see Ron comin' down the road on a hog, well, the smart
    folk scatter.  ;^)

    Ron in front left, Chris barely visible toward the back, Dmitry on the right.

    Of course, what is Billy Bob's most famous for?

    The bullriding, naturally!

    Dmitry, unfortunately, stubbornly refused to mount the bull, even
    though it was pointed out to him Sveta would surely get a kick out of
    such a photo.  Darn kid!

    Chris putting his hand into the handprints of one of the singers in the
    country group, Alabama.  Turns out he's a real fan of theirs.

    As we left there were a LOT of people on horses in the outdoor arena of
    the coliseum, practicing before riding in to begin the show.  Ron
    headed toward them like he was a magnet and they were true north. 

    I herded 'em together for a group shot:

    Hazel, Georgie, Clara, Ron, and Chris.

    They decided turnabout's fair play, so took one of me with them:

    That Ron's a charmer, let me tell you. 

    Ha!  I love it!  Didn't catch it till the photos were
    uploaded, but get a load of Ron the Rascal putting the moves on the
    cute blonde. 

    After the Stockyards we made our way to Pulido's (Charles and Dmitry's
    favorite Mexican restaurant), where Ron chose the Charles' Special,
    aka: the burrito dinner.  He liked it, too, and demonstrated a definite fondness for the chips and salsa.  Chris stuck with a hamburger and french fries.

    A wonderful evening, as I said.  HA!  Did Dallas provide private rodeo action?  Billy Bob's?  I don't think so. 

    Tomorrow morning I'm picking them up and we're going to the zoo for a
    couple of hours before they pile into their van and hit the road. 
    It's going to be my aim to teach Ron that when asked, "So, what was
    your favorite place?" he'll immediately answer "FORT WORTH!"

    Stay tuned. 

  • Just for fun (HA!) I decided to see if my memory was correct as regards the temperature here this month.  It was:

    On the 11th and the 16th the observed high was 87°.  All the other
    days have been in the nineties, mostly mid-to-upper.  Tomorrow and
    the following day are forecast to be around the century mark. 

    I, for one, would love to have Rita trot on up here and give us both rain and a break from the seemingly relentless heat. 

    Since it's been such a hot summer, what does that portend for the winter?  Warmish, or cold?

  • I'm so sick of summer.  I am SO sick of summer!  It's been
    summer since the spring, and it still is.  All month now - with
    the exception of a couple of days - it's been in the mid-to-high

    How can anyone be interested in fall clothes when it's so hot
    outside?  How can anyone be anticipating Halloween when it feels
    exactly like July?

    I WANT FALL!  I want cool nights and mild, cloudy days. 
    Turning leaves.  Cream of Wheat in the morning.  Hot
    cocoa.  Heavier meals, suitable to the season....stews, dishes
    made with apples, etc.  Baking cookies.

    Let's take a look at the forecast. 

    Oh joy.