September 28, 2005

  • Remember Cow Sponge?  The ska group Charles played with some?

    The ol' gang's breaking up as age takes its toll.  Charles is now
    in college at Lubbock, and he emailed me today that Joseph leaves
    tomorrow for basic training at Great Lakes Naval Base. 

    Scary, how fast they grow up. 

    Correction:  Joseph's not in Cow Sponge, so the band lives. 
    Guess I'll have to stick with getting sentimental over Joseph and
    Charles spending hours at the club, swimming. 

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  • Cow sponge, I shiver to ask what is cow sponge? a dreadful disease? Surely not a group of kids playing on assorted musical instruments? Nah, couldn't be. Beetles, who would name their group after a bug? Nah, no one.

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